5 Ways to Throw a Cost-Efficient Party

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The dilemma presented by having a party is that it implicitly requires you to put a price tag on the emotional attachments and sincere relationships that define your humanity. Sure, little Suzy is the apple of your eye and the pride of your family, but the exchange rate between the dollar and ever-lasting love and affection makes a My Little Pony cake an unwise investment.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to reaffirm your social empathy through raucous revelry without having to use a picture of little Suzy in a onesie to chip a discount from the stony indifference of the store manager.

1) Host It Yourself Renting a venue and hiring a crew are both quick ways to adding extra digits to the bill. Having it at home will add preparation and clean-up to your tasks, but that extra legwork will keep it economical and can actually help the atmosphere since it’ll feel more homey and casual.

2) Borrow, Don’t Rent If you need more furniture to accommodate for the big guest list, ask around before heading out to rent some. Friends and family members will have some folding chairs or tables that they’re not actively using, and will happily lend it to you for your event. The same applies for plates, cutlery, cups, platters, or serving stands. It’s a social event; be social!

3) Making Is Easier Than You Think Most party supplies are pricey, especially since they’re generally one-use only. The same goes especially for cakes, which will be (hopefully) consumed long before the next big event. But most of these are quite easy to make at home by yourself. Cake mix is readily available and pretty easy for even the most novice of bakers. Getting colored paper and making decorations is simple, and in the age of YouTube there’s an infinite number of origami masters to take inspiration from. While this will require more labor, it will reduce a lot of sundry cost and also provides an opportunity to…

4) Get Others to Help Big projects are like a game of Monopoly in that it’s much more fun with more than one person. Be willing to ask for and/or accept help from others. In fact, turning the preparation phase into part of the event itself is an easy way to get cheap, group fun with minimal effort and actual productivity. It also provides a lot of ice-breakers during the party itself since everything in the room and on the table can become a talking point.

5) Email is Economical The process of inviting people, be it for the preparations or for the party, can have costs of its own. While written invitations are nice and add a physical element, they also require paper, pen and envelope to make, gas or post to deliver, and add even more work to your to-do list. Keeping it to the realm of the digital is fine; save the arts and craft for the actual event.

And there you have it. Five easy ways to maintain your closeness with those dear to you without having to calculate how much each relationship is worth in currency. Celebrate your party and your economic sense, all achieved without comprising the fun of the event!